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If you have an all-ability route(s) in the Morecambe Bay area that you would like to share with others please complete the feedback form below. We will then review your suggestion(s) and, as appropriate, upload them to the website for others to enjoy.

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If you have a suggestion for an accessible route please submit it to us using the form below.

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Why ‘More to Explore’?

More to Explore aims to inspire people of all-ability to explore the Morecambe Bay area. This website provides advice on where and how to access a fantastic series of all-ability routes – there are downloadable maps, plus an interactive map showing lots more route suggestions. There is background information about all-ability mobility scooter use and hire locally, useful links as well as ideas for how to get more involved in this project.

More to Explore offers everyone, from families with buggies to mobility-challenged people, the opportunity to get around Morecambe Bay and experience amazing sunsets, discover natural landscapes and unearth an adventure with an incredible range of accessible routes.

Please take a look around this site, get inspiration and information and then come and visit Morecambe Bay!